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Time is money and MBA aspirants understand this dictum quite well. Duration of the programme is an important shortlisting parameter in case of many MBA students. A traditional two years programme may be ideal for some MBA aspirants, while a one year intensive programme may be a cruicial shortlisting factor for many others.


A one-year programme is generally very intensive in nature and the pace of the programme is at a ‘breakneck speed’. But the best part of most one-year programmes is that they do not compromise on the curriculum. They start with the solid foundation of business knowledge, understanding how and when to apply their learning.

In a two-year programme students are exposed to core skills and business tools in first year, and the second year is dedicated to specialization through electives. Students who opt for a two-year MBA programme prefer the relaxed place of curriculum which leaves enough space to obsorb and reflect Further, the strong foundation is layered on top with the pracrtical skills that are used in everyday business space.


Proponents of a two-year MBA programme often cite the internship option as one of the greatest advantages of the programme. Internships options are also provided in some one-year MBA programmes. These oppurtunities also help careers switchers to determine if the new career is really for them. For the non-career switchers, this is still a chance to explore new areas and the invaluable erxperiances/perspective back to the career they came from.

“The Internship in middle of a two-year programme provides not only an opportunity to apply knowledge and skill learned but also a “last” chance to test career interests”.


Lastly, what matters to all students is the corporate perception with respect to the time duration that one spends I their MBA programme. However, the good news is that the duration of a programme is of little consequences of top organizations while recruiting students from B-schools

If we observe the area-wise distribution of questions in various tests for the 2012-13 season, we observe that there are wide variations to the weightage of General Awareness in the tests. And an understanding of the nature of questions asked in various exams will naturally guide us towards a preparation plan for each of these tests.