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In India there are plenty of courses available to pursue your study and MBA is one of them, which attracts lakhs of students. Every year ample number of students try to get admission in MBA classes in a reputed institutes, but very few of them get success.

There is always a different procedure of selection in different institutes. Normally there are two or three stages of getting admission in MBA. The kick off round is always an entrance test followed by group discussion and personal interview. Most of the institutes conduct entrance test in the month of January and February. The common part in most of the institutes is group discussion. It plays a vital role in selection process of the right candidates.

Even being the vital part of the selection, it has been seen that students do not focus on group discussion round and prepare themselves at the very end. This happens perhaps because of lack of awareness, over confidence or lack of knowledge of the preparation pattern.

Cracking GD is not like climbing a mountain, but yes you must prepare yourself thoroughly. Let us help you with the below points, which will ease your GD round.

Ready with current topics

If you want to make good impression in group discussion then you should prepare yourself on the current trending topics, which might be discussed in GD. If you have ample knowledge about the daily happenings, then you will be more comfortable and able to present your thoughts with extra confidence. But if you have very less knowledge, then you will surely hesitate to present your thoughts. Most of the time topic is picked from politics, national, international, or any local issues.

Now we are going to discuss how should we prepare ourselves for the round? The very first thing you should do to prepare for GD, develop habit of reading widely and extensively. You should not only read about a single category, always stay up-to date with current affairs. Read different newspapers and magazines on different topics. Never miss the trending topic and fully prepare yourself for it. There are huge possibilities you will get trending topics for GD. Try to make notes on the topics and try to add some relevant points to the topics you come across.

Analyzing the issue

It is always good to have ample knowledge of any topic, but it is not only enough to know all about the topic, you also must have capability of analyzing the issues. Everyday you should develop ability of analyzing any issue and bring out the outcome. Most of the companies nowadays are looking for analytical skills in a candidate. Always present logical comments, data and examples to prove your points. This will help you to make extra impression on interviewers. To get the better result, always ask few questions to yourself regarding the topic; why did this development take place? What is the reason behind the idea? Whom will it go to effect? What is the future of development and how it will going to affect the masses? It is suggested that always pen down important dates, statics, data and information. It will be very useful in future during the interviews.

Good Communication skills and Teamwork

Excellent communication skills are basic need of today’s corporate world, but if you are an aspiring MBA, then you must have good communication skills to work well with the team. With good communication skills you can put your thoughts forward very well and make people understand what you want them to do. During GD your points should be precise but your tone should not be harsh and aggressive. Never interrupt, if someone is speaking, let him/her finish then speak. This habit is really important to make good impression during GD. Moreover, the thing you should consider never beat about the bush, always talk relevant things.

Practice hard for GD round

The last tip you should keep in mind for your GD round, before going for actual GD round, do some mock tests. This will create habit of speaking relevant point with ease. Moreover it will increase your confidence.

So at the end, if you hone yourself as per the above points, your dream MBA job will be in your hands.

Good Luck.