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Professional world has become very competitive, so as education. Parents and students are too confused due to wide range of education options available.

People do a lot of research for choosing the appropriate courses, but it has been noticed that they ignore a vital part – communication. Language & Communication proficiency and personality development are equally important as domain knowledge of any stream. If someone is not able to present his/her thoughts in front of people, then there is no value of having ample knowledge of any subject.

It is really sad to see that many colleges and universities are offering professional courses such as B.Tech, MBA/PGDM, MCA but totally ignore communication skills. They have only one motive that is earn money. Due to the negligence of communication skills there are many qualified engineers, PGDM holders, MBAs, and MCAs, who are struggling to get jobs.

But thankfully there are few other institutes which pay full attention on communication skills along with core knowledge of subjects. Asian School of Business Management (ASBM) is one of the leading management colleges in Odisha, which nurtures its students with domain knowledge and excellent communication skills. ASBM has a concept like “Finishing School”, which is used to nurture language skills of the students and to groom their personality to make them polished professionals. Course under the finishing school gives finishing touch to an individual personality and makes them market ready.

Teaching and training modules help you to take care of personality development, communicative proficiency and knowledge, which lead the students for deserving placement. In addition, in present time an institute’s job is not only getting the students placed. Its a competitive era, so they have to equip the students with skills to handle complex situations easily and impart knowledge for workplace without goofing.

In today’s time there are plenty of management institutions, which are producing excellent managers with exceptional communication skills in English language. These both points are equally important to survive in stiff competition in the market. When as an institute you are capable of covering both discussed aspects, you get pride and maintain commendable placement record.

An analysis over the syllabus of English under BPUT Odisha unveils that syllabus pays more attention on grammar. Under this syllabus, there are plenty of things which will be covered such as nouns, verbs, stative and dyanamic verbs, finite and non finite verbs, negation, interrogation, reported speech, question tag, conditionals, concord, phrasal verbs, active and passive voice.

English Language Teaching (ELT) has proven that teaching grammar is totally boring and less effective. Moreover it is considered that school grammar teaching does nothing good for students, unless they adopt communicative language teaching (CLT) to make this language less horrendous and more approachable.

As per the current requirement, now we have syllabus where English language will be taught with communicative activities. These activities will keep students interest alive and classes will be more attractive. ASBM is one of the institutes which contemplates over this issue and keeps adopting new methods of teaching time to time.

An institute should have the quality to adopt new methods and innovations to produce excellent results. As an institute, if you are concerned for needs of students then you create history and make impression in student’s career.