First impression is the last impression and we all want to impress others in our first meeting. Good behavior, table manners or dressing sense are the good way to make good impression. Every expert suggest that good dressing is very much important in group discussion or personal interview round.

Please read the below tips on how to dress in Group Discussion round and Personal Interview round:

1. Formal Clothing – Formal clothing is always recommended for any type of interviews and if you are appearing for GD round, even then wear formal clothes to make a good impression. Formal pants and shirts along with tie and blazer are considered a perfect dressing style for men. Girls should wear formal shirts with either skirts or pants.

2. Neat and Tidy – Neat and tidy clothes are always preferred. Dirty clothes are not liked by anyone. Till the time you finish your GD & PI round, be more aware about where you sit and while eating. Not even a single stain should be on your clothes.

3. Creased/Ironed – Iron your dress day before your interview. Last minute preparation can leave few loopholes.

4. Wear Light Colors – Light color dress is always considered the best choice for GD & PI rounds. Light blue, light brown and light grey in paints with white or pink shirts are good for both boys and girls.

5. Comfortable clothes – Clothing must give you comfort. Neither too tight or too loose clothes are suggested. Girls are suggested not to wear too short skirts in group discussion and personal interview rounds.

6. Clean Boots – Footwear is also the part of your dressing and polished leather shoes are always suggested for both the rounds. Girls should wear heels or boots. Always check your shoes before entering in interview or GD room.

These effective points should be followed by every interviewee. Never take any one these points lightly.