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Are Two Months good enough to prepare for MAT 2017?

Sometimes there is huge discussion about, can candidates prepare themselves for MAT-2017 & MBA exams within 2 months? If you are good in mathematical or logical questions then time seems adequate, but if you are not doing it regularly you might need bit more time.

Let’s discuss how to prepare yourself within given time frame:

Time bound strategy:

If you have only 2-3 months to prepare then you have to pull your socks and keep the things away which can distract you. Fix certain hours for yourself to study. Calculation of hours depends on your ability of grabbing. For few people 3-4 hours are enough in a day while for few 7-8 hours required.

Detailed preparation strategy:

Evaluate your strength and weakness and then plan your strategy. First 20 days for studying core syllabus is considered good. Finish all the topics in from various sections like data interpretation, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, etc. After that, for 5-10 days work on your weak areas. Then come to sectional and full-length mocks. In the final days work on speed and accuracy.

Clarify concepts:

Always clarify your concepts while preparing for CAT exam. Incomplete knowledge can create problems while giving the exams. Having ample knowledge of subject is very much required; there is no shortcut in this.

Analyze mock tests:

Keep giving mock test on regular interval and analyze performance can help you to know about your weakness and strength.