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Common Mistakes students make while preparing for General Knowledge section

General Knowledge is very much important and ignoring it can dent your bright future. A lot happens every day around the world and if you are thinking that one day you will sit and read all, you are making mistake. Read what mistakes people do while preparing for General Knowledge section:

Not making habit of reading newspaper daily:

If you do not read newspaper daily, pick it up today and make reading newspaper your habit, before it gets too late. Reading newspaper everyday will help you to know what is happening around the world on daily basis. Reading several newspapers (especially more than 2) is suggested by experts.

Not watching news channel :

Watching news channels can help you in many ways. First it will give you knowledge what is happening around you and in the world and it will help you to increase your listening and comprehension power (make sure you listen news in English language)

Not making notes :

Reading newspapers and watching channels is good, but will you be able to memorize everything? Of course not. So keep making notes which is important in exam prospective.

Not reading GK books :

Reading GK books is good source of collecting general knowledge. These books and guides give you collective information of the latest happenings.

Not using Internet :

Google, YouTube & Wikipedia can give you plenty of knowledge. Browse current affairs websites and read from there.

If you are making the above mentioned mistakes, this is the time to stop and rectify your mistakes so that you excel in management exams and get enrolled in a top MBA college.