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Resume that will land you into business school

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By filling a Common Application Form (CAF) of more than 50 colleges, you will surely fulfil the criteria of top MBA colleges and get admission in your dream college. Now it's time for you to face the Group Discussion and personal interview. If you clear it well, you will be the part of top MBA college.

Your resume is the most important weapon of your application in top MBA colleges in Bangalore or any other place. It will let you compact your entire history, skillset and all other important things that you want to highlight. Here are some tips to write your resume which will let you impress the interrogator of top MBA colleges -

First thing first

As you are applying for top MBA colleges, it's required to add detailed sections in your academic history. Many top MBA colleges in Bangalore advise students to follow a specific format while applying for an internship or permanent job.

Keep it on a single page

Don't overwhelm the reader with information. Keeping it simple and on a single page will delight the reader. Make your impact by identifying your accomplishment and your day to day task.

Demonstrate your track record

Add your area of interest and hobbies. These are the logical category to include and be as specific as possible. It will help the interrogator to know you better.

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