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Is it right to go for MBA after Engineering? What are its Scope, Pros and Cons?

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Most of the engineers come across with the question in which they get confused whether to go for an MBA after engineering or not, so don't worry you are not alone. Before proceeding further to its scope, pros, and cons, We want you to just ask one question from you, i.e. What exactly made you come to this big decision? Because if you're going to manage the core work of your business rather than just doing technical stuff, you have made a right choice, go for it. Even most of the IITian's are doing MBA because they wanted to stand out from the crowd!

Scope of doing MBA after Engineering

See, we all know that from the last few years there is more than 200% increase in the volume of engineering students, and doing MBA after engineering has just become a trend nowadays. Every engineer wants to have a job with an excellent package as they have spent lakhs on their engineering, so MBA is the thing which opens the door for you to various opportunities.

The scope of doing MBA after Engineering is much wider than what you think. Today the vision of every HR Department has been changed, they will only hire you for your Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and other attributes, not just for what you have been taught in the classroom, so here MBA is the best option for you to acquire those skills.

It's Pros

The first and the foremost thing is the base of your knowledge. It will expand and add value to your job profile.

Now you have learned Managerial skills, so it is easier for you to manage your own business if you have plans to start your own business.

Good Salary Packages - Yes! Because chances of getting hired for good Job Profiles are much higher now.

Be Ready To Get Promoted - You are now better equipped to tackle management related issues along with your engineering skills, so now, no one can stop you from getting a promotion.

Growth - In the corporate world, everyone is looking for growth opportunities, so MBA after engineering may boost your growth in any term, it will give you Respect, Status, Upgraded Work Space, etc.

It's Cons

If you are doing MBA aimlessly and following others blindly then you are putting your career in danger, See, if you are doing well with your engineering skills and love your work then leave the herd and put your 100% to your existing work.

So, MBA after engineering is something that just takes your ordinary life to the Next Level, so without any hesitation go for it.

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Also don’t forget to check your scholarship eligibility for different Business Schools. It always feels good to get a discount on your education.