MBA Aspirants wait for December Mat Entrance result as they can process for Top B-Schools Interview with Dec MAT Score. And fnally, results got out on 29th Dec and now its tme to take the right acton foryour career.
Few students are celebratng as they got the good score in MAT Entrance and quite confdent to get admission in their targeted B-School.
At the same tme, some students are depressed with their result and tensed whether they can get a seatin their desired B-School.
Since, this tme is very crucial and students have to take a wise decision to take admission in Top MBA Colleges. So let’s check the things an MBA Aspirant must do afer December MAT.

1. Fill Application Forms for Desired B-School:

As thousands of students are going to fill application forms of all Top B-Schools so, you must apply to B-Schools. If you are going to delay in deciding the colleges then, you might miss the last date to apply to your targeted colleges.
Hence, to be on a safer side a student must Fill Application Forms of all your preferred colleges.

2. Register for GD/PI of MBA/PGDM Colleges:

Best B-Schools starts GD/PI Procedure after December MAT Results, so it's a golden opportunity to confirm admission in your targeted MBA Colleges.
Unless and until you don't enroll for Interview, there is no way to take admission in best B-Schools of India. It is advised to at least register two-three colleges so that even if you are facing any rejection from one college you can have other colleges to join.

3. Take Guidance from Senior Experts:

If you are confused with your score and not sure which colleges to apply, it's better to take guidance from any expert. Even though students have 90%tile in MAT entrance still they are not able to take admission in Best B-Schools of India. Hence to make your career safe & secure, you can ask Team ApnaMBA for Personalized B-School Counseling. Their expert team will guide you to Top MBA/PGDM Colleges as per your preferred location, budget and score.

4. Make Your-Self Ready for Interview Process:

After enrolling for Interview process of B-Schools, a student should make ready to crack GD/PI round. If any student has a low score in the entrance but perform well in Interview, it will lower the chances of rejection. Moreover, most of the colleges consider Interview performance, so it is advised to prepare well for Interview round.
As interview process is going to be different from colleges that is why a student needs to prepare for Group Discussion, Face to Face Interview and Skype Interview.

5. Apply for Multiple B-Schools:

To be on a safer side, a student must apply in multiple B-Schools so that in case, they fail to take admission in first priority B-School you have other options.
Generally, the students who have a high score in MAT they only apply in one college and if they fail to crack interview, then student have to wait for one year to join B-School.
Hence, a student must apply in multiple B-Schools so that they won't miss a year.
Hope, this article will help you to decide what to do after getting December MAT. As students are too competitive and best colleges closes their admission process within 2-3 months, it's better to apply and process for Interview in Top B-Schools without wasting much time.