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Sectional Analysis MAT Feb 2018 by Experts

MAT Feb 2018 Offline Exam was conducted on 4 Feb, 2018. The paper didn’t see any pattern changes, the same as earlier MAT Exam testing on 200 questions spread over 5 sections.

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1.Mathematical Skills

2.Data Analysis and Sufficiency

3.Language Comprehension

4.Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

5.Indian and Global Environment

Mathematical Skills -

16 out of 40 questions in this section was occupied by arithmetic questions including interest, Time and work, Percentage & Profit and Loss. The difficulty was of moderate level, but questions were lengthy and time taking.

An ideal of above 26 questions correct can land you somewhere above 90 percentile.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency -

Data Interpretation dominated this sections with more than 50 percent. The section tested you on speed and accuracy along with Questions based on graphs, pie-charts, data comparison and bar diagrams.

An ideal of 21 - 22 questions can take you through this section

Language Comprehension

Most of the questions in this section were based jumbled words, picking odd one out, vocabulary and synonyms-antonyms. The short comprehensions were followed by 4 related questions.

An Moderate difficulty level and you will require 27 questions to go beyond in this section.

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

The section primarily challenged you aspirants in analytical and logical line of questioning, concentrating less on Critical Reasoning.Most of the questions were covering topics like blood relations, series, statements, calendar etc.

The section was comparatively lengthy and time consuming, anything above 26 would be great to ace this section

Indian and Global environment

This is the section where you need to cope up the time. A standard time to get through the section is around 10 to 15 min. The topics covered a conventional GK, current Affairs and business & economics.

Although this section is not counted for percentile in the score.

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