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What is the Importance of Internship for MBA Students

What is the Importance of Internship for MBA Students?

If you are pursuing MBA or an MBA Aspirant, you will discover that one of the essential aspects of the entire curriculum is an MBA Internship. An Internship is a specified period of work practice offered by an organisation to graduates and MBA Students who are interested to obtain relevant experience in a particular area.

Internships may be sometimes mandatory in some MBA Top B-Schools as a part of the curriculum. This is the position given to an intern in an organisation related to a particular area, for a given period of time, in order to gain practical experience before the completion of one’s degree. The duration of the Internship may vary from for a period of one month to six months. The longest duration of an Internship is generally six months. However, the Internship may be sometimes Paid and sometimes not. In present days, Paid Internships are common in specialized fields such as architecture, medicine, science, law, engineering, business and technology. These Internships generally occur during the second or third year of studying.

Read on more to learn about how an Internship, particularly a Paid Internship can add value to your MBA degree and expresses the career path you choose after completing your MBA.

Firstly, an Internship reduces the monotony of the curriculum and allows you to gain in hand Job experience before you graduate. It also provides you a competitive power and added advantage when applying for specific jobs after completing your MBA. However, some Internship also leads to full time job opportunities if you perform well.

Now, let’s look at the 5 main reasons why Paid Internships are essential for your success and how to maximise the chances to find the right one.

1- Discovering the real job world

Working as an intern during your curriculum studies can give you an in-hand professional experience in the real Job world. So, if you want to gain practical knowledge and job experience while studying, make sure you have a mentor to guide you throughout the Internship tenure.

2- Create Your Own Network.

While interning, you can begin to create your own professional network by Interacting with people of the same field. This will make an impact to your professional success as well as on your personal choices too. Besides, you can also gain opportunities to develop connections professionally, that could be advantageous to your career.

3- Adds value to your Resume

An Internship can prevent your resume from ending up in the scrap load. Particularly, a paid Internship will show a prospective employer that you can add advantage to their organisation. However, make sure that you add the Internship in the experience field of your Resume.

4- Examine your career plan

The Paid Internship is a perfect time that test drives your career plans. With the Internship opportunities you can examine your career regarding a particular field that you want to build your future in.

5- Maximises your Self confidence

The most important benefit of a paid Internship during MBA is, it can help you boost up your self-confidence. The Internship provides you an ability to build up your confidence that when you have the skill, experience and desire to go for a dream Job interview.

So, explore the right opportunity and go for an Internship that combines both your interest and work experience.

However, making the utmost of your Internship experience is really vital in this competitive edge. Make sure you perform your best and do not take the Internship during your MBA casually.