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Career in Sports Management: Know Unknown Facts & Figures

Career in Sports Management: Know Unknown Facts & Figures

Sports management is an inter-disciplinary field, representing on the aspects of marketing, finance, law and business. A Master in Sports Management benefits students to develop & expertise in business administration, finance, economics, psychology, law and marketing, particularly in the Sports sector.

Students, who want to turn their passion for sports can build career or expertise in the field of Sports Management in any Top B-school. But, the most common issue which you would face is selecting the Best B-School offering Sports Management. The commercial side of the sports industry lets personnel to mix a love of sports with management skills, which can result in various rewarding careers.

Diverse Scope of Sports Management

Sports management experts handle aspects related to marketing, finance and budgeting of events in the Sports sector. The future of sports professionals is predominantly bright, with most sports organisation that are moving forward towards decision making in data-driven.

Students willing to shape up their future in Sports Industry would take sports-specific courses in marketing management, leadership and management, event management, facility management, ethics, law and administration.

Most B-schools offer MBA in Sports Management over a year or two years, depending on the norms of the country where you choose to study.

A career in Sports Management include roles not only in marketing, communication and media, but also in managerial roles at firms functional in the sports industries. A sports management degree would get you a diversity of skills and knowledge relating to Sports Industry.

Careers in Sports Management

Sports Sector in the present day is a billion-dollar industry. The world of sports offers numerous career opportunities for the people who are truly passionate about sports. However, Competition for careers in the sports industry is vicious. Therefore, a specialization in Sport Management during Masters will certainly be an added advantage for those who want to excel in this particular field.

Check some of the renowned sports employers
  • Sports Networks such as Star, Fox Sports, ESPN, and Sony
  • Athletic apparel Industry such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Reebok
  • Top Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Firms

Due to the feature of the sports industry, many of the positions in this sector would give unconventional working hours. Some examples of careers in sports management that students can pursue are explained below:

Sports Development Officer

Sports Development Officers’ objective is to encourage and facilitate involvement in sport activities among all groups, with an intention to ease out people of all ages to enjoy sports. Their task is to organize and share information about sport-related projects, including facilities, coaching, clubs, classes and training. If you are keenly interested about sport and have strong leadership skills, then this job could fit you.

Sports Marketer

An MBA in Sports Management can help you to find designation as a sports marketer, with an objective to assist sports companies to strengthen their brand awareness and revenue. A sports marketer can benefit an organisation in building their brand, providing service to customer and enhancing ticket sales in the events. Top B-schools are providing Specialisation in Sports Management to build Careers in sports marketing which represents an ideal career for those who urge to combine a passion of with the information of the upgraded marketing technologies and strategies.

Sports Administrator

A Master in Sports Management can also opt for position of Sports Administrator, who may be responsible for carrying out the managerial tasks of various departmental functions within the sports organizations. Besides helping the team to manage facilities at a sports centre, to market major sports club or sports-wear Company, there are also opportunities in sports funding bodies and sports development.

Sports Event Management

An MBA in Event management provided in B-Schools with Sports Management as one main subject is another highly in-demand area of the sports industry. There are roles for graduates of sports management with thorough understanding of the detailed requirements for events in the sports sector, along with a range of planning, organization, communication, finance skills and strategy building.

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