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What is the Basic Difference between Face-to-Face, Skype & Telephonic Interview of B-Schools

What is the Basic Difference between Face-to-Face, Skype & Telephonic Interview of B-Schools?

In this highly demanding MBA admissions process, getting MBA interview call from top B-schools in India, demands for a mini-celebration for the MBA Aspirants. This also boosts up the confidence of the Aspirants as they can get beaten up by the strong profiles of competing applicants. However, there are a few important decisions that need to be taken care of. The most vital among them is whether you should go for Personal Interview in the said location or Campus, or request for a Skype Interview or go for a regular Telephonic Interview.

Some B-schools do give a choice to the Applicants, while some stick to the In-Person Interviews in order to get a clear view of the Candidate’s profile. But being aware of all the three kinds of Interviews in the MBA Admission Process can help you in deciding which type of Interview you would prefer, provided you are given the option. Read on to get a brief knowledge on all the types of Interviews before requesting the admission team while applying for MBA.

Telephone Interview

Top B-schools in India attract MBA applicants across the country by scheduling a telephone interview which works well for both the sides. This tends to be the most reliable and readily-available option. The only input that the interviewer could get is your voice, knowledge and communication skills. Here, you are showing out your confidence and overall fit only using your voice

Skype Interview

In the Skype interview of MBA Admission Process in B-schools, things really get a little better and brighter. The interview panel of B-schools get to conform some of your non-verbal signs like your expressions and body language, in addition to your voice. But there might be issues in the video and voice quality due to the basic internet connectivity which might interrupt the Interview process, leaving beside a negative impact.

Personal Interview

No matter how advanced the technology might get, but it can’t match up the traditional In-person Interview. The best way to make an impact in the Interview process of Top B-schools is by eliminating technology as a mediator. Some of the Top B-Schools in India strongly recommend Personal Interview to evaluate the potential of the applicant. Besides, it can be advantageous to the applicant as you can explore the campus, library and meet current students to get a better understanding of the B-school where you want to study.

However, a campus visit and personal Interview may not be possible for everyone, specifically for applicants who are not staying in the same city. If the MBA admissions team of the B-school could offer you for Skype or Telephonic, you must make sure to give your best. Unless one is having strong reasons, the striking order is quite clear that a personal interview works best, followed by a Skype Interview and then a telephone call.