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How to Crack SKYPE Interview of Top B-Schools_

How to Crack SKYPE Interview of Top B-Schools?


Interviews are one of the most important steps that are to be considered in the process of MBA admission. Even if one cannot make it to the Personal Interview in Campus, the Interview could be arranged through Skype. Skype Interviews are one of the latest trends that have become very renowned in the admission process of B school. In present days, it has become easier for MBA aspirants to shortlist the B schools and attends the interview via Skype in their preferred B-Schools. This saves a lot of time and money of the Aspirant as well as their parents. Skype Interview may sound casual but it is greatly a formal and professional procedure during the admission. Go through the article to find the important points to be kept in mind if you want to crack the Skype Interview of Top B-schools.

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview?

  • Make sure you have a Professional Skype ID with a formal photograph of yourself. Use a simple and professional username with your first and last name. Avoid any stylish name, digits or special characters.


  • Make sure the place you chose to attend the Skype Interview has a simple background and not crowded. Avoid places where you can get distracted and interrupted.


  • Before the Skype Interview with the concerned B-school, check your Internet as well as Skype setup. Test the Skype connection with your friend in order to make sure that the Audio and video is proper.


  • Exchange Your Skype ID as well as Your Contact number with the interviewing staff of the concerned B-school before the Interview is scheduled.


  • Choose the right attire, i.e., a formal look, same as you were going to wear in the Personal Interview.


  • Most Importantly, Practice ahead of time or take a mock test with your friends or family member with the most similar interview questions.


  • Always remember to keep the interview professional, even though you are attending it from your home or any comfortable location.


  • Make a good eye contact with the Interview Panel while answering them by looking at the Camera.

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Some Mostly Asked Skype Interview Questions

Although the Skype Interview is comfortable than Personal Interview for most of the MBA Aspirants,

what remains the same is the type of questions asked. Take a look at some of the sample questions

that are asked in Skype interviews of Top B-Schools:

Q. Tell me about yourself.

Q. Walk me through your resume.

Q. Why MBA?

Q. How did you end up choosing your specialisation?

Q. Why did you choose this B-school for MBA?

Q. What are your Career plans?

Q. What are Your Short Term and Long Term Goals?

Q. How will an MBA help you achieve your long-term and short-term goals?

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