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Dropping a year Just because of Low score in Entrance, Is it a wise Decision?

Dropping a year Just because of Low score in Entrance, Is it a wise decision?


Shall I drop this year and plan for MBA Admission next year? This is the most common and curious questions MBA Aspirants face. Let’s know what you shall do.

Dropping a year is basically a period of time during which MBA Aspirants takes a break from routine formal education to broaden their knowledge and skills with an expectation of better preparation. But, with a practical point of view, if you are planning to drop this year, there is no 100% possibility that you get into the Best B-school even after preparing. You might not get the required score in the entrance exam.

Besides, some students have faced problems when looking for an education loan. When you apply for loans, the bank personnel judge how well you can do in your future.

Read on to find the advantages and disadvantages of dropping a Year


1. The MBA Aspirants will get an entirely new attitude towards their decision and life, with a feeling of being different from friends who have already given up.

2.  The Aspirants will get one more chance to show their talent and start their journey of being a professional.

3. Aspirants will get more time for preparation and experience with maturity.

4. Moreover, going through the same topics will make you thorough and confident to face the competitive exams and interview for admission in Top B-schools.


1. Dropping a year will make an MBA Aspirant lose one complete year, may it be for coaching or self-study.

2. The Aspirants might stay behind their friends as they will pursue in the same year and also they will get placement one year ahead.

3. There might be a change in the cut-offs of the Top B-schools in India, so the aspirants need to keep themselves more updated with the expected cut-offs the next year.

4. There might be an increase in the course fee structure including hostel fees of the B-schools in India.


It is suggested that MBA Aspirants should keep in mind that they don’t know how the next year would shape them. So, they should be aware of the following points.

• The Aspirants should make optimum utilization of their time.

• The Aspirants should select the topic on the priority basis which requires more attention.

• The Aspirants should be patient and calm and clarify all their doubts in the whole one year.

• Most importantly, the Aspirants should focus on the concepts which can truly make more confident.


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