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                    Interview Tips for MBA Admission Through MAT



 Interview Tips for MBA Admission Through MAT


An Interview is the last door that an MBA Aspirant has to open to enter any of the top B-schools of India. The structure of the interview is unplanned and unstructured, even if one is very much prepared.

The interview panel of the B-schools is surely aware that you are a student and not expected to know each and everything. B-schools conduct the interview in order to assess the student’s communication and interpersonal skill. Besides, your overall presentation, vision as an MBA aspirant and your managerial abilities can also be evaluated in the interview, irrespective of the marks scored in MAT, CAT, XAT and other management entrance exams. The Questions asked by the interview panel of the B-schools may be based on the academics, work experience (if any), hobbies and interests of the Aspirants.

No matter how much an MBA Aspirant has scored in the entrance exam, he or she will be a bit nervous at the time of interview as it will be the only stage left which can decide whether the aspirant can join his/her dream B-school.

It is suggested that the MBA aspirants should consider confidence as the first step in cracking the Interview in one go. Read this article to be familiar with some tips that can help you glide through this crucial selection process for MBA admission in Top B-schools in India.

1. Be punctual and Carry formal Get up:

As an emerging and aspiring manager, an MBA Aspirant should make sure to be punctual. The student should reach the interview venue at the time specified in the call letter of their dream B-school. Moreover, the formal appearance will be adding value to your impression on the Interview panel.

2. First & Last Impression:

The first impression always lasts. So, make sure you walk confidently into the interview hall and greet all the panel members properly. Maintain eye contact while answering the questions. Also, answer the questions clearly and politely.

3. Body language:

Always show a positive outlook with shifting eyes and polite voice. Moreover, while speaking, sit straight and do not move your hand too much.

4. Interview Questions:

The questions asked in an interview may range from standard to career and life goals. No matter what the question is, you should answer honestly in an unbiased manner. Do not bluff or give any diplomatic reply. The trick is if you know little about a particular topic; try to drag the topic to the area of your interest.

5. Showing positivity in weaknesses:

Be ready to face questions regarding your weakness and strength. While answering about your weaknesses, show weaknesses with such positivity that can add value to your ability and show your eagerness to improve. 


Most important in the Interview round of any B-school is the context of the latest news. The MBA Aspirants should keep themselves up-to-date about the latest national and world news including awards, politics, sports, business, entertainment and more. Likewise, Make sure you have detailed knowledge of whatever hobbies, sports and interests you have mentioned in your application form.


Also, do revise the important topics related to your specialization or honours subject during your graduation. Having a work experience is an added advantage which can provide you more opportunities during your placements in the B-schools. So, make sure to be able to explain your role and responsibilities logically.