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How to Prepare & Crack MAT 2019?


How to Prepare & Crack MAT 2019



Cracking MAT Exam is way easier than CAT because the questions in MAT are quite direct, hence, learning simple formulas and concepts would help you crack it whereas the questions that come in CAT are quite tough and tricky. 


What are the things to keep in mind before starting the preparation plan?

  1. Know the updated syllabus of MAT 2019.
  2. Analyze the topics well you are strong and weak at.
  3. Collect all the required study materials and previous year question papers before starting the preparation.
  4. Focus on qualitative preparation not quantitative. Make a smart study plan and follow it diligently.


What are the tips and tricks to keep in mind to crack MAT Exam?

  Tips & Tricks for MAT Exam


Ø  Be clear with your basic concepts; don’t directly jump to advanced level questions.

Ø  Keep regular touch with the subjects and topics you are weak at.

Ø  Always make a daily study time-table.

Ø  Set a time limit for yourself while solving every question. Don’t waste too much time on just one question.

Ø  Always make the study plan the night before. Don’t sit for studying and then make the plan.

Ø  When you are months away from the exam then that is the right to focus on your weak areas and up your preparation game.

Ø  Study in-depth the topics you are strong when MAT Exam is around the clock.

Ø  Focus on increasing speed and accuracy.

Ø  Appear mocks regularly and analyze them, without analyzing it your preparation for any, the MBA entrance exam would be pretty immobile.

Ø  After the analysis, update and upgrade your plan of action for the next mock.


Ø  Take mocks seriously but don’t get demotivated if you score low in some mocks, there is always a chance to improve your score in the next one.



How much time should be given to each section?

  1.     Data analysis and sufficiency- Suggested Time- 35 minutes

2.     Language Comprehension- Suggested Time -30 minutes

3.     Mathematical Skills- Suggested Time- 40 minutes

4.     Indian and Global Environment- Suggested Time- 15 minutes

5.     Intelligence and Critical Reasoning- Suggested Time- 30 minutes


What are subject-wise tips to crack MAT exam?


 Subject Wise Tips to Crack MAT Exam



  • Language Comprehension:


1.    The most essential you should take to score well in this section is that make a habit of reading newspapers, editorials, articles, magazines, journals, etc. daily

2.    Develop a routine of reading novels to increase your vocabulary.

3.    If you are pretty good in English then don’t invest too much time preparing for this section, you can score well in this paper. Just move on to the weaker areas and try improving your performance in those sections.  


  •  Mathematical Skills:

1.    For scoring well in this section, be well versed with fundamentals and formulas. Be consistent with your revision for this subject.

2.    Keep a regular touch with this subject; the constant practice will only boost your confidence level.   

3.    Use shortcut hacks if it applies to the problem, rather than using those traditional methods, this would save your time in the examination hall and would increase your number of attempts.

4.    While solving the problems set a stopwatch to increase your speed.

5.    If you get stuck in the middle while solving the problems just proceed to the next question without wasting too much time. 


  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency:

1.    This section is quite scoring. Focus and comprehend the questions well.

2.    Solve all types of questions related to data analysis such as pie chart, line graph, bar graph, mixed charts, and tabular data.

3.    Practice previous year papers to build-up your speed and to get knowledge on numerous types of problems.


  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning:

1.    Use shortcut tricks and methods to solve the reasoning section.

2.    Be quick and smart while attempting this section. Answer only those which you are confident about.

3.    To improve your efficiency solve multiple model papers.


  •   Indian and Global Environment

1.    Be thorough with the current affairs, to remember them for a longer period watching youtube videos.

2.    Cultivate the habit of reading a newspaper daily to stay updated with world events.



What is the Success Mantra to crack MAT Exam?

There is no substitute self-study if you are preparing for any kind of competitive exam. Just relying on the coaching centers wouldn’t lead you anywhere unless and until you are too self-determined to get into one of the top B-school. Every aspirant’s preparation journey is different but what should be common is the passion and willingness to crack this exam to have a great career in the future. Be consistent with your preparation, come what may.