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How to Select the Right B-School? Follow the Check List


                                                                      How to Select the Right B-School_ Follow the Check List



Choosing the right B-school for your MBA degree is a tough decision. A lot of aspects are taken into account while selecting. Several elements float over the mind like facility, infrastructure, faculty, the reputation of the institute, placement records and so on throughout this procedure.

During the entire process of deciding on the right management institute, there is a lot of confusion and anxiety that is why while taking this decision it is imperative and essential to do detailed research and then go ahead.

It is an important step in the path of your management career so; taking any rash decision is not all advisable.

To ease this course of choice the experts of ApnaMBA.com hereby suggest you certain parameters and guidelines that are to be considered while picking up the best B-school:




 Parameters to Consider While Shortlisting MBA College



·         Location: One of the primary aspects that are considered while going for a B-school is their location as MBA institutes in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi NCR, specifically the metros. The reason is metros have a better and greater edge to industrial exposure than that of those in smaller towns or cities.


·         Return on Investment (ROI):  An MBA degree, in any case, has become one of the most expensive degree programs in the country, with the rising demand for MBA the cost for the same is also rising at an equal pace.


Therefore, it is essential to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) before selection, any B-school as, with time banks offering educational loans has become a stress-free job, but repayment of it may not be. 


·         Specialization: If you are pretty sure about the career path you want in your further life, and then opt for the specialization accordingly.


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For instance, if you want to build up a career in Media, Marketing and Advertising then the best-suited option for you is MICA, Ahmedabad.


·         Batch Size:  The size of batch in an MBA program is a crucial factor to be considered as smaller the batch higher the chances of getting placed and also a smaller batch definitely helps in faculty guidance and interaction at personal ever for better learning.


·         Pedagogy and Course Curriculum: In this vibrant and dynamic world, where the meaning of business is constantly. It is vital for every MBA aspirant to find out complete information about the desired institute like course curriculum and pedagogy, evaluate the courses offered by B-school against your requirements.


·         Internship & Extra Certification: Extra certification & Internship program is going to make the journey of placement much easier. Among lakhs of MBA degree holders, the extra certification program is going to make you different from the crowd.


Similarly, the experience of the internship will add as corporate and work experience in the CV of MBA Student. This will be a great advantage during placement or walk-in drive. 


·         Industry Tie-Ups: The variety of companies and organizations that visit the campus for placement sessions, talk about the brand perception of the institute in their mind.


The industry tie-ups secure higher salaries for the students getting placed as well as most of the time they are offered jobs in diverse domains. The top-ranked B-schools offer a better variety of placements as compared to lower ranked B-schools


·         Affiliation and Accreditation: Affiliations definitely play a major role while selecting the B-school. An affiliation from a recognized body of an MBA, institute is definitely more accepted by the industry in the market.


·         Alumni Network: A network of alumni is one of the significant factors for the triumph of a B-school as those alumni have already shaped a brand of the institution in the thoughts of the recruiters about the class and quality of education and students