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MAT Composite Score vs. MAT Percentile


MAT Composite Score vs. MAT Percentile


There is a huge difference between MAT score and percentile calculation. In the MAT scorecard, there are three types of the score – Scaled Score, Composite Score, and Percentile.

MAT score vs. Percentile calculation is based on the following factors:

  • MAT Exam 2019 has 5 sections and while calculating percentile only 4 sections are taken into consideration. 
  • The 5th section that is Indian & Global Environment scores are not considered while calculating the percentile.  
  • Each section in the exam has 40 questions carrying 1 mark each with a total of 200 marks.
  • The scores for MAT exam are awarded out of 200 marks but the percentile is calculated out of 160 marks removing the 5th section.
  • For each section, Mat scores are scaled to 100. Therefore, the scaled score awarded in the MAT scorecard is calculated in the range of 0-100 for each section.
  • The raw scores that are awarded in each section out of 40 are not imitated either in the sectional or final composite score.
  • The scaled score is then converted into a percentile that is based on your relative performance as compared to the exam takers.
  • The composite score finally is calculated out of 800 marks and the scaled score is converted into a composite score.


Composite MAT Score vs. Percentile Calculation

·      After calculation of the scaled score in the 4 out of 5 sections, AIMA grants composite score leading to calculation of total percentile in the MAT exam.  

·     For the 5th section i.e. Indian & Global Environment the scaled score is shown separately on the core card.

  • The range for evaluation of the composite score is in the range of 200 to 800. The composite score is awarded in a range of 200 to 800.
  • The composite score is not awarded below 200 or above 800 by AIMA.
  • When it comes to evaluating sectional scores, the scaled scores for the sections in the Mat Exam are not awarded below 20 or above 80.
  • The scores that are below 200 are reported as 199 and the scores that are 800 are taken as 801



MAT Percentile Score

·         MAT percentile score specifies the proportion of examinees that scored lower than the candidate based on the over-all MAT test-taking entrants.

  • The figure of percentile may vary with an increase or decrease in number applicants and their pattern of scoring.


MAT Scaled Scores

Since each single MAT exam is conducted after 3 months, the exam may be somewhat more or less challenging than another. These small differences are accounted for, during the scaling method. As a result of these modifications, identical scaled scores represent the same level of aptitude, as stated by the test, irrespective of the administration or when the exam was taken.



Accuracy & Preference of MAT Exam Takers

There is a tendency among most of the MAT exam takers to claim high accuracy after the exam but sadly it has never proved to be correct.  One should not expect more than 80-85 percent of accuracy in all the sections. The percentile is based on your raw score in all the 4 sections and accordingly, you would be shortlisted for the B-Schools.