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What is GD ?

Be the first and Last to Speak - Initiating a GD is an advantage. So if possible and you are aware about the topic then try initiate the GD as this presents you as a good initiator but it doesn’t mean that it is a mandatory thing.

Do’s & Don’ts for GDs:-

Do research and be aware of the repeated topics – Often, there are various topics which re-appear with minute changes and slight variations. State some strong facts and figures – It has a very good impact if you state some statistical data or percentages.

What is GD ?

In this second edition we will talk about general personal interview techniques .These are the times when most of the MBA aspirants have their eyes set on the group discussion and personal interview and don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Let us now try and explore how to sail through the two and get into a top business schools in India.

Do’s & Don’ts for PI:-

Physical appearance and Body language - As far as physical appearance is concerned, one should always remember that though the first impression makes a lot of difference as far as your chances to get selected in the interview is concerned. .