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Computer Based Test vs Paper Based Test



Computer Based Test

Paper Based Test

Aspirant’s sits in front of a computer and the questions are shown on the monitor. The aspirant has to mark their answers with the help of keyboard and mouse.

Aspirants will be given a Test/Question Booklet along with an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Sheet to mark their answers.The aspirants can mark their answers using a pencil (HB Pencil)by filling up the oval dark.

Aspirants have to click on the correct option (Out of 4 responses) on the screen using a mouse.

The aspirant has to mark the correct answer by filling the oval shape using a pencil.

The aspirants are expected to simply click the most correct response and then move to the next question with another click.

If the aspirant has to mark any answer by darkening the fresh oval shape in the OMR Sheet with an HB pencil. This is time-consuming and creates confusion sometimes.

Here, a timer is provided on the top of the screen, as the aspirants will be aware of how much time is left.

Only a wall clock is provided in the test hall.

There are chances of technical issues.

No risk of technical issue.

Aspirants are provided with rough sheets for solving their problems.

The aspirants have to do the calculations in the last page of the question booklet itself


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