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How to Crack MAT 2018 without Coaching?





Presently, cracking MAT without coaching class is a myth. Many MBA aspirants join coaching classes with an intention of achieving great score with the help of the tutor. The past record is witnessed that coaching is not really necessary for cracking MAT.


However, numerous aspirants do not opt for coaching for various reasons such as time constraints or money issue. In fact, many MAT toppers also did not go for any coaching and still managed to ace the test. It is totally up to the aspirants to make proper utilisation of time as well as materials. In this article, we have listed down few self- preparation tips which can be used by MBA Aspirants for cracking MAT 2018 without coaching.


Mentor or Guide for Clearing Doubts- The first and most important question that arises in the mind of the aspirants when it comes for self -study is –How and from whom to clear the doubts?


Well, you can take help of your teacher, senior or your peers who can guide you throughout and clear your doubts. Besides, they can also provide you with good preparation notes and tricks. Also, you can form a study group with your friends and discuss your strategies and doubts. 


Basic Understand of the Exam Format and Pattern- Before starting preparation, the aspirant should first understand the basic format of the exam. Aspirants must become familiar with Exam Pattern, a number of question, duration, scoring and develop a clear perspective about the entrance exam.  


Right Study Materials- In the coaching class, the MBA aspirants will surely have a tailor- made preparation material for each section. But, while choosing self-study, you need to choose the best MAT preparation books from the books available in the market.


Read and Practice- Reading magazines, English newspapers, novels, and watching English news channels will also improve your vocabulary as well as reading skills. A good reading habit will prepare you for the Logical Comprehension section.  Besides, it will also update you with the events happening around you and thus help you crack the Indian & Global Environment section.


 PRO-TIP - Reading questions before reading the comprehension makes it easier for the Aspirants to find the answers.


 Practice Previous Year Papers-  The best way to practice for MBA entrance exams is only through mock tests and previous-year papers. Sectional tests, topic specific tests and regular practice are effective ways of studying.


 Taking mock test- Every weekend can help you analyse your strong and weak areas and make you familiar with the exam pattern.




Many aspirants think that cracking MAT without coaching classes is not possible. But keeping the above points in minds, you can go for self-study and crack MAT 2018.  So, don’t be late. Make a suitable time- table, plan your own strategy and execute it well. Solve mock tests and previous years’ papers have been the approach of many MAT Toppers.